NOTE: Markings in red indicate realtionship to Joanne Claire Warby (nee Hooper)

(1) John Compton (    -    ) m  Martha Unknown (    -    ) *
     (2) Sarah Compton (1760-    ) *
     (2) Jane Compton (1763-    ) *
          (3) Edward Compton (1781-    ) m 1811 (1) Ann More (    -    ) *
                                                              m 1859 (2) Elizabeth Smith (1832-    ) *
               (Children from Edward & Ann's marriage) *
               (4) Edward Compton (1814-bef 1881) m Sarah Hepburn (abt 1836-    ) *
               (4) Mary Compton (1816-    )*
                    (5) Edward Compton (1838-    )*
     (2) John Compton (1765-    ) m  Elizabeth Unknown (abt 1765-    ) *
          (3) William Compton (1798-1870) m Martha Unknown (1813-    )
               (4) Mary Compton (1822-1843)
               (4) John Compton (1824-    )
               (4) Caroline Compton (1825-1862) m1851  William Knott (1829-    )
               NOTE: The above may have been Caroline or Catherine Compton
               (4) James Compton (1828-1849) 
died two days after brother Edward
               (4) Eliza Compton (1829-    )
               (4) Jane Compton (1831-1831) died aged 6 months
               (4) William Compton (1832-1878) m1853 
Maria Cain (1833-1895) 2xGtGpts
                    (5)Walter Compton (1856-abt 1870)
died aged 14
                    (5) Sarah Compton (1858-abt 1859) died aged 10-14 months
                    (5) Charlotte Compton (1859-1929) m 
William John Hooper (1853-1927) Gt Gpts                         
                         (6) Charlotte & William's children under 
Hooper Family Tree
                    (Also view Charlotte Compton & William John Hooper's History Page)                    
                    (5) Martha Compton (1861-1940) m  
Henry Robert Wilton (1857-1940)
                         (6) Martha & Henry's children under 
Wilton Family Tree                   
                    (5) Thomas Compton (1863-1924) m Elizabeth Helen Bland Rayner (1866-1926)
                         (6) Florence Elizabeth Compton (1889-1959) m Elifred Blann Gaskin (1883-1953)
                              (7) Florence & Wilfred's children under Gaskin Family Tree
                         (6) William John T Compton (1890-1966) m  Katherine Olive Graham (1889-1980)
                              (7) Erl William Compton (1912-1971) m  Tilly Tiramehameha Te Tay (1913-    )
                                   (8) Gary Erle Compton (1933-   ) m  E A Corbett (    -    )
                                       (9) R N Compton (1958-    ) m  M P Jimenez (    -    )
                                            (10) C H Compton (1985-    )
                                       (9) Todd Gary Compton (1959-    ) m A Unknown (    -    )
                                                                                       partner Leanne Ramari Taylor (    -    )
                                       (9) N G Compton (1960-    ) 
                                       (9) K W Compton (1964-    ) partner  T A Rogcoff (1970-    )
                                            (10) S H Compton (1986-    )
                                       (9) A E Compton (1871-    )
                              (7) Nella Elizabeth Compton (1916-    ) m Arthur Lisle Peters (1912-    )
                              (7) Laurie Compton (1919-1999) m Rita Vivienne Ive (    -1995)
                                   (8) C Compton (1945-    ) m H L Schadvoyne (    -    )
                                        (9) C Compton (    -    )
                                        (9) J E Compton (    -    )
                                   (8) C Compton (1949-    ) m  A Wiles (1946-    )
                         (6) Myrtle Alice Compton (1891-1952) m  Walter Henry Spooner (1885-1968)
                              (Myrtle & Walter's children under Spooner family Trees
                         (6) Elma Helen Compton (1895-1962) m  George McKenzie (1891-1951)
                              (7) Elma & George's children under McKenzie Family Tree
                         (6) Iris Evelyn Compton (1901-1977) m  Clarence Rayner Foster (1892-1984)
                    (5) Leonard Compton (1864-1923) m (1) Elizabeth Field (    -    )
                                                                            m (2) Annie May Peterson (    -    ) 
                    (5) Rhoda Compton (1866-    ) m  
Robert Wilton (1859-1942)
                         (6) Rhoda & Roberts children under 
Wilton Family Tree                   
                    (5) Hannah Compton (1868-1939) m1894  Hugh Morrison McPhee (1857-1916)
                         (6) Hannah & Hugh's children under McPhee Family Tree
                    (5) Peter Mathew Compton (1870-1952) m Margaret Marshall (1872-1952)
                         (6) Edith Marshall Compton (1899-1984) m  John Stewart (1900-1970)
                              (7) Edith & John's children under Stewart Family Tree
                    (5) Maria Elizabeth Compton (1871-1921) m  Benjamin Richard Rayner (1865-1942)
                         (6) Maria & Richard's children under Rayner Family Tree
                    (5) Jacob William Compton (1875-1938) m  Emily Amelia  (1872-1925)
                         (6) Tom Compton (1910-1975) m  Mary Rose Mitchell (1915-1948)
                              (7) P Compton (    -    )
                              (7) J Compton (    -    )
                              (7) Stanley George Compton (1947-2009)
                    (5) Esther Rebecca Compton (1873-1955) m  Albert East (1876-1953)
               (4) Martha Compton (1836-1843)
               (4) Mathew Compton (1837-    ) m           (1) Unknown (    -    )
                                                                    m1871 (2) Emma Chubb (1838-    )
                    (Children from Mathew & Emma's marriage)
                    (5) Ralph Compton (1872-    )
                    (5) Emma Compton (1874-    )
                    (5) Clementina Compton (1876-    ) m1900  William Row E Thompson (1873-    )
               (4) Henry Compton (1834-    )
               (4) Edward Compton (1838-1849) 
* died two days before brother James
               (4) Sarah Or Sally Compton (1840- m  Unknown (    -    )
               (4) Ann Louisa (Annie) Compton (1843-    ) m1864  Thomas Meades (1837-    ) *
          (3) John Compton (abt 1800-    ) m Ann Barrah (    -    ) *
          (3) Martha Compton (1801-    ) *
          (3) James Compton (1803-    ) *
     (2) Betty Compton (1768-    ) *
     (2) Hannah Compton (1773-    ) * m  William Hooker (    -bef 1840)


There have been some assumptions made on the tree above. Certain individuals marked with an * have not been confirmed as belonging to our compton family. These names have been added due to information gathered that make it very probable that they are connected. I have cross checked Census records , FreeBMD records, Family Search records with information sent in an email from Carol Sweetland and a letter sent by Martha Compton (1813-    ) to her son William Compton (1832-1878) in New Zealand in 1872.

The Compton's marked with an * came from either Worplesdon, Compton or Ash in Surrey. These are neighboring parishes and it was a common practice for family members to move from one parish to another parrish that was nearby. The Compton's who are linked to Worplesdon that may or may not be related to us have been listed below:
Sarah Compton ch. 11 Nov 1760 Worplesdon
Jane Compton ch. 6th Jul 1763 Worplesdon
had son Edward Compton ch. 24th Jun 1781 Worplesdon
who married Ann More 21 Feb 1811 in Compton & married Eliabeth Smith on 27th Nov 1832 in Compton
Edward & Ann had a son Edward ch. 1 May 1814 in Compton who married Sarah Hepburn on 24th Oct 1859 in Compton, Surrey
John Compton c. 19 Jul 1765 Worplesdon
Betty Compton ch. 11 Oct 1768 Worplesdon
Hannah Compton ch. 29 Jul 1773 Worplesdon (possibly married William Hooker)
Sarah Compton married Thomas Bookmaster on 5th Mar 1771 in Worplesdon
Henry Compton married Elizabeth Charman on the 16th Nov 1777 in Worplesdon has son & daugther (immediately below) christened in Worplesdon
Henry Compton ch. 15th Jan 1777 in Worplesdon
Elizabeth Compton ch. 10 Dec 1778 Worplesdon
Hannah Compton married Charles Dannell on 28th Jul 1807 in Worplesdon
Henry Compton married Ann and had two daughters, Hannah 1789 & Sarah 1792 in Worplesdon
Elizabeth Compton listed in Worplesdon

The Compton's listed below are from the Village of Compton. They are probably related to our Compton's but have not been confirmed, as such, in any way:
Hannah Compton married William Hooker on the 14 Nov 1797 in Compton
Edward Compton ch. 1 May 1814 (in list above) son of Ann & Edward Compton - married in Compton

Email from Carol Sweetland dated 22nd March 2007
Hello Joanne,
I don't have any Staines Parish records but I do have some for Stanwell. These are all my Compton entries. Children of William and Martha Compton, labourer of Stanwell Moor
 Baptised at St Mary the Virgin, Middlesex:
Mary 3rd Apr 1822, Catherine 28th Aug 1825, James 9th Sept 1827, Eliza 7th Jun 1829, Jane 12th Mar 1831
John 29th Aug 1824 infant of Stanwell Moor aged 6 months
Mary Ann 12th feb 1843 infant if Staines Union Workhouse
Martha 19th Feb 1843 aged 7 of Staines
Edward 10th sep 1849 aged 11 of Stanwell Moor
Martha 6th Oct 1851 aged 29 in Staines Union Workhouse
Hope these are of some help
Regards Carol Sweetland

Letter dated 4th feb 1872 from Martha Compton (1813) to her son in New Zealand William Compton (1832)
(NOTE: This is copied from the letter that had no punctuation marks, capital letters or full stops)
Dear Son and Daughter
I can hear no tidings of you for so long a time I ahve got Mr W Weston to write a few lines for me hopeing to find you and your little family in the joyment of good health as I am thankfully to say at the present time I do not even know if you have heard of the death of your dear father as I have trusted to your brother Mat writing to you and as we have had no answer from you since his death I thought perhps you did not get his letter your father has been dead this two years and I can say the God of your father and of the widow as been a God to me through the barrel of meal as sometimes ran very low yet and bread as been given and my water as been sure how true is that passage he shall keep them alive in the time of faimen your brother Mathew is married again to a young person rather higher in life then myself and are living at Hampton your sister Eliza and family are all well likewise Sally and her husband and two children Betsy and Anne are likewise quite well I have not seen them lately I saw Eliza and Sarrah at Christmas I shall be very glad to hear from you once more my time here may not be long but I hope when my time comes I may be able to say Come Lord Jesus oh come quickly I am living by the side of Mrs Weston at Stanwell so you see we have walked together many years to the house of God we have seen many trials and the Lord as helped us on and through them until now we have great measory to call open our souls and all that is within us to obey and praise his holy name I have not heard anything of the Cains I do not know wether they are still liing at kentish Town I hope if you get this you will answer it as I shall be so glad to hear from you with my lindest love I remain your efate and loving mother
Martha Compton
Stanwell near Staines Middlesex England

(1) John Compton (    -    ) * married a Martha Unknown. They are listed as living in Worplesdon. A John & Martha Compton had the following children christened in Worplesdon: - Sarah Compton 11th Nov 1760, Jane 6th Jul 1763, John 19th Jul 1765, Betty 11th Oct 1768 and Hannah 29th Jul 1773.

(2) Jane Compton (1763-    ) is know to have had a child out of wedlock. Edward Compton was ch. 24th Jun 1781 in Worplesdon by mother Jane Compton. Edward Compton snr (1781-   ) married twice. His first marriage was to  Ann More on the 21st feb 1811 in Compton and they had a son son Edward Compton jnr whom they christened in Compton, Surrey on the 1 May 1814. Edward jnr (1814-bet 1871/81) married Sarah Hepburn on the 24th Oct 1859 in Compton. Sarah Hepburn was born in Hampton Wick, Middlesex and was the daughter of Thomas Hepburn of Hammersmith. Sarah also had a sister, Elizabeth who was born in Hampton Wick and is listed with her father in the 1871 census living by Edward & Sarah Compton and also listed with the widowed Sarah Compton in the 1881 Census. Edward snr and Anne nee More also had a daughter Mary christened on the 3 Mar 1816 in Compton. It appears from the census that Mary had a son out of wedlock whom she named Edward (after her father & brother) who was born about 1838 in Compton.

(2) John Compton (abt 1765-aft 1841   ) married an Elizabeth (abt 1765-after 1841). Her surname is not yet known. This couple had a daughter, Martha, christened on the 10th May 1801 and a son listed as Jas (presuming him to be James) christened on the 10th April 1803 in Ash. There are two other Compton children, Elizabeth and William (1798) that were born to a John and Elizabeth in Ash. John and Elizabeth Compton are listed in the 1841 Census in Shaw Field Rd, in Ash, Surrey. Both John and Elizabeth are listed as being aged 75 and John's occupation is that of Labourer.

(2) Hannah Compton (1763-    ) married William Hooker on the 14th Nov 1797 in Compton, Surrey, England. William died prior to 1841. Hannah Hooker is found living next to Edward and Elizabeth Compton in the 1841 Census aged 65. With her are her three children James, Mary and Thomas and also two grandchildren Mary and Esther, children of Henry Hooker and wife Margaret who are living in Battersea, Surrey at this time. Another son, William and his wife Harriet are living close by in the home of Sarah Compton, sister to Hannah Hooker nee Compton. Sarah is unmarried and of Independant means. Hannah and William Hooker's children were all christened in Compton:- James 22 Jun 1800, William 7th Mar 1802, George 13th May 1804, Mary 2 Mar 1806, Henry 17th Apr 1808, Edmund 1st Oct 1809 and Thomas 9th Oct 1814. There are probably other children listed but have not been indentified at this date. Hannah Hooker nee Compton's son Edmund Hooker (1809-   ) is listed in the 1851 Census as a footman for Emily A Hamilton (Dublin born) who is a Baronet's wife.

(3) William Compton (1798-1870) was born in Ash, Surrey and married Martha who was born in Stanwell, Middlesex. Following the couples marriage they settled in Stanwell and the first of their children were born there in 1825. FreeBMD lists the death of a William Compton, aged 74 in 1872 in Staines. The date, place and age at time of death would indicate this is our 'William' and is the husband of Martha who wrote the letter in 1872 (above) and tells of her husbands death two years before.

(3) John Compton (abt 1800-    ) married Ann Barrah on the 8th August 1820 in Ash, Surrey, England.

(4) Caroline Compton  (1825-1862) married William Knott on the 12th August 1851 although she is listed in FreeBMD as being Catherine not Caroline. The Census records lists her as Caroline and her son also had a chiild he named Caroline so the assumption is that her name was indeed caroline and have listed her as such. In the 1861 Census William and Caroline Knott were living at 39 Hartland Road in Kentish Town, St Pancras, Middlesex UK. Caroline Knott nee Compton died in 1862 and widowed husband William remarried possibly three more times following her death. By 1871 he was married to a Louisa they were living in Islesworth along Caroline & William's 13 year old son William. A child was born to William in 1872 and they named her Mary - it is believed that since Louisa died in 1872 that it may have been during childbirth and that Mary was their baby born at this time. William was also to marry a Mary Ann Thompson in 1881 and can be found living with her in the 1881 census records. In the 1892 census William & a Mary can be found in Kentish Town with William & Caroline (deceased) grandchild Caroline aged 1. William Knott jnr is found with nine children in the 1901 Census and Caroline now aged 11 is at home with him. William and Caroline (nee Compton) Knott's also had two daughters, Caroline and Emily. At various times Emily is listed under her Aunty Elizabeth Chennel l (nee Compton) and Aunty Ann Louisa Meades (nee Compton). Caroline is listed under grandparents Martha and William Compton in the 1861 census and is aged 5.

(4) Mathew Compton (1837-    ) married twice. It is not know who his first wife was but his mother, Martha, mentions his second marriage in her 1872 letter above. Martha says her son married a young person of higher in life than herself. This was Emma Chubb the daughter of John and Sarah Chubb. Emma had a sister Clementina and a daughter of Mathew and Emma's was named Clementina too. Emma was born in bethnal Green. After Emma and Mathew married in 1871 they moved to Hampton. Mathew was a Police Constable but had retired from the force by 1901.

(4) James Compton (1828-1849) and brother Edward Compton (1838-1849) died within two days of each other. Both brothers are buried in the churchyard of St Mary the Virgin at Stanwell, Middlesex, England. 

(5) Clementina (Tina) Compton (1876-    ) was named after her mother Emma's sister Clementina Chubb. She married William Roe E Thompson in 1900. They had a daughter named Renee who married an Unknown Carmichael. Renee and her husband had two children, Elsi and Allan. William Roe E Thompson was born in 1873 in Shoreham, kent, England to parents Edwin Thompson and Hannah Edgington. He had siblings Hannah, Kate, Thomas and Ethelind who were also born in Shoreham.

(5) Peter Matthew Compton (1870-1952) is buried in the Archer Street Cemetery in Masterton, New Zealand. He died on the 2nd feb 1952 and was buried on the 4th feb 1952 aged 81. he is in Plot PMC - Row 17.

HELP: Can anyone identify a family for John Compton who died on the 10th Aug 1934 and was buried at Archer Street Cemetery on the 11th Aug 1934 aged 82. Also is a Martha Compton who died on the 17th Mar 1913 and was Buried at Archer Street Cemetery on the 19th Mar 1913 aged 58. The two are buried in different plots in different rows so may not be realted - can you help?

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