NOTE: Markings in red indicate realtionship to Joanne Claire Warby (nee Hooper)

          (3) William Page (abt 1770-    ) m1790  Elizabeth Young (abt 1770-    ) 4xGt Gpts
               (4) Mary Ann Page (1790-    )
               (4) William Page (1794-1856) m Sophia Sifton (1786-1863)
3xGt Gpts
                    (5) James Page (1812-    ) m Mary Ann Page (1815-    )
                         (6) George Page (1838-    )
                         (6) Mary Ann Page (1840-    ) m1856  Robert Stone (1838-    )
                         (6) Rhoda Page (1841-    )
                         (6) Lydia Page (1845-    )
                         (6) Henry W Page (1848-    )
                         (6) James Page (1851-    )
                    (5) William Page (1815-    )
                    (5) David Page (1817-    )
                    (5) Rhoda Page (1819-    ) m William Samuel Miller (abt 1820-    )
                    (5) Lydia Page (1821-    ) m Edward Johnson (    -    )
                    (5) Rachel Page (1824-1879) m  Joseph Glover (1828-1861)
                    (5) Hannah Page (1828-    ) m1850  Thomas James Poynter (1828-    )
                    (5) Rebecca Page (1831-1908)  
John Thomas Hooper (1824-1904) 2xGt Gpts


(3) William Page (abt 1790-    ) married Elizabeth Young on the 2nd September 1790 in St Mary's Church, Barking Essex. Three children have been listed as having been born and christened in Barking, Essex by William & Elizabeth Page. Mary Ann Page was born about four months before her parents married and christened the month after her parents marriage. She was born on the 28th May 1790 in Barking and christened on the 19th Dec 1790. Two son's are then listed, William Page was born on the 19th August 1794 in Barking and christened on the 14th September 1794 and Thomas was born on the 6th September 1796 in Barking and christened on the 9th October 1796. Researchers have listed another Thomas born in 1793 as being the son of William and Elizabeth Young but it appears this Thomas was born in Hackney and married Mary Dove and according to others research emigrated to Ontorio, Canada. The other Thomas was born in Barking, Essex and married Sarah Unknown (according to Census records) and his age appears to correspond to 'our' Thomas Page. More research needs to be done in order to confirm if our William is indeed the son of William Page & Elizabeth Young and which Thomas is a branch on 'our' Page family tree.
(4) William Page (1794-1856), son of William and Elizabeth Page was said to be born on 19th August 1794 in Barking, Essex but two census, 1841 & 1851 do not correspond with this age. The 1851 census which is usually more accurate, although not always, gives William's age as being 61 which would make his birth year about 1790. William Page is said to have married a Sophia Sifton or Shefton but no confirmed listing has been found to confirm her maiden name. By 1861 William had died and a listing for the death of a William Page was found for 1856. At the time of the 1861 census Sophia Page, now a widow, has her married daughter Hannah Poynter and Hannah's family living with her at 12 Charles Street, Bethnal Green. Sophia is aged 74 at this time. The 1841 & 1851 census address is given, for William & Sophia, as 12 Charles Street and this corresponds with their daughter Rebecca Page's address at the time of her marriage to John Thomas Hooper in 1849 which is also given as 12 Charles Street on the marriage certificate and her father is listed as William Page a Shoemaker.

(5) James Page (1812-    ) was born on the 5th August 1812 in Shoreditch and christened on the 21st may 1815 in St leonards, Shorditch , Middlesex. His younger brother William born on 18th January 1815 was also christened on the same day as James. James is listed as marrying Mary Ann Page, and an assumption can be made that the couple were possibly related but nothing has been found to confirm this. They had six known children, George, Mary, Rhoda, Lydia, Henry & James. Records have been located that say Rhoda was born on 11th February 1841 & christened at St Leonards, Shoreditch on the 4th May 1845. Lydia was born on the 1st April 1845 and christened on the 27th April 1845 at St Leonard's, Shoreditch and that Henry William was born on the 16th september 1848 and christened on the 8th October 1848 at St Leonard's, Shoreditch.

(5) Rhoda Page (1819-    ) married William Samuel Miller (abt 1821-    ). William S Miller was a Gun Engraver by trade and was said to be born in Bishopgate, Middlesex. Rhoda and William had daughters, Emma, Rhoda, Clara & Ada. Daughter Rhoda Miller married Arthur Robert Morgan in 1872. Arthur, a Baptist Minister, was the son of William & Esther Morgan. Arthur can be found in England and Wales in the various census and his wife Rhoda is listed only once as being born in Bethnal Green (1851 Census) and there after as either London or Bishopgate. Rhoda was born on the 31st October 1818 in Shoreditch, Middlesex and christened on the 10th february 1819 in St Leonards, Shoreditch, Middlesex.

(5) Lydia Page (1821-    ) was christened on the 25th March 1821 in St Leonards, Shoreditch, Middlesex. Lydia married Edward Johnson but it appears from the census records that both Edward & Lydia may have died son after thier marriage or are just proving hard to locate. Living close to Sophia Page (Lydia's mother) is Edward's widowed mother Ann Johnson (nee Harrison). Ann has her grandaughter Elizabeth Lydia Johnson, living with her. Elizabeth also known by her middle name of Lydia is the daughter from Edward Johnson and Lydia Page's marriage. Ann's widowed mother, Elizabeth Harrison is also present in the home. Elizabeth Lydia remained with her paternal grandmother in the following 1861 census. Ann Johnson's father (Elizabeth Lydia's great grandparentss) were John Harrison & Elizabeth McDonald.

(5) Hannah Page (1828-    ) married in 1850 Thomas James Poynter. At the time of the 1861 census being recorded Hannah, her husband and family are living in the Page family home, at 12 Charles Street, with her widowed mother. Thomas Poynter is listed as head of the house even though Sophia Page, his mother inlaw, had been living in this home for over 30 years. This would indicate that Thomas was now taking care of his mother inlaws, Sophia Page's, needs and the running of the home had become daughter, Hannah's, responsibility.  Sophia was said to be aged 74 and died a couple of years following this census. Before the next census was taken Thomas & Hannah had moved from 12 Charles Street.

(5) Rebecca Page (1831-1908) was born on the 12th April 1831 and christened on the 11th May 1831 in St Leonards, Shoreditch, Middlesex. Rebecca married John Thomas Hooper, son of James Hooper and Rosa Spital, on the 30th May 1849 in St James the Less, in Bethnal Green. Rebecca and John Hooper have two known children born to them, William & Sophia. Rebecca, John and the two small children emigrated to NZ on the 'Ann Wilson' in 1856. This journey was plagued by appauling conditions and it is assumed that little Sophia died on the journey out to NZ as no record can be found of her after her in NZ. It also appears that Rebecca and John had no further children but son William John, born 8th january 1853 in Chipping Ongar, Essex, married Charlotte Compton and bore them 14 grandchildren with twelve of these children surving into adulthood.