Dearly Departed
Over the past two years my family has experience some sad loses to our numbers. On the 11th August 2018 my sister Lynda Wakeling passed away from a short fight with cancer. Hers was a short battle and sadly one she was not able to win. On the 17th November 2019 my grandson Thomas Jeremy Oliver Warby lost his battle with depression and took his own life. His was a long battle that he too was unable to win.

Missed but never to be forgotten … RIP


John Winter (Jack) Morse (1913-2006) - Alan Caird Morse (1918 - dec) and Septimus Morse (1913-2005)

I have been sent this wonderful photograph of three school boys. They are my family but I would dearly love to find their direct descendants in the hope one of them would like to have this photograph. It was sent to me by Donald Boyd of Whittlesea who would also like me to find direct descendants to return this photograph to. He found it amongst old post cards he bought from the Whittlesea Market in Victoria, Australia. I would love to know whom dear 'Mymie' is and how she is related to the family. The boys father, Frederick Doyle Bayfield Morse (1860-1945) had married twice. His second wife
Jessie Ann Elizabeth Winter (1877-1964) is the mother of the three lads and related to my mother's Winter family.


A GREAVES FAMILY TREE has been added to my genealogy pages. This follows the family of my 2x Great Grandmother Harriet Greaves and her family from Hinckley in Leicestershire and her own family in New Zealand. I would love some family photographs of our Greave family from New Zealand and England and hope, if anyone has photographs they would like to share, that they email me with copies 

Shortly there is going to be an update of the HOOPER FAMILY TREE as new information has come to light. There is only one mention of a Rosa Spital being our John Thomas Hooper's mother and that was by his son upon his father's death. No other record can be found of a Rosa Spital (spelt various ways) having been born, married or dying as Rosa Hooper. There is no census records of her, nor death or marriage records. I was always convinced that Selina Oliver/Stoodley (nee Hooper) was related to us. Selina immigrated to NZ alone with some of her children and settled in Carterton and lived close to our John Hooper. Her son, Thomas Oliver, sailed out to New Zealand on the same ship, THE ANN WILSON, with his uncle John Hooper. John and Selina were both born in Bethnal Green. I shall try and list my reasons for being sure I am correct and have found some pretty conclusive evidence to suggest Selina and John were brother and sister. For this reason I am going to add Selina's tree to my website and treat James Hooper and Selina Banks as their parents.

The SILBY FAMILY TREE has been added to Anthony Arthur Warby's Genealogy pages. This traces back to his 4x Great grandparents on his maternal side along with his PITMAN FAMILY TREE which also follow's his 4x Great Grandparents on the maternal side.

The  NEALE FAMILY TREE  has been added to my website. This family tree begins with my 3x great grandfather and his wife Mary Grubb. There is very little information known about this family. A book written by George Winter called 'Always Uphill' indicated that Sarah Neale was born in Ireland to an Irish father and a Spanish mother. However after finding Sarah and her sisters, Mary Ann and Charlotte,  listed on the Census Records for England it is clear they were all born in London. Their surnames have also been listed as Neal or Neale. The fathers name had been listed as Patrick but baptism records for his children list him as James. I have recorded his name as being James Patrick Neale (sounds very Irish) in the hope of uncovering further information about him.

FULLER FAMILY TREE has been added for my Fuller cousins in New Zealand. If anyone has family photographs they would like added or information removed please email me and I shall be happy to add or remove if requested. Any photographs will enable me to add a Fuller Family Photograph Album and place faces to names.

A NEW Family tree has being added to our site and is currently being updated. You can visit the HOLLINGSWORTH FAMILY TREE to see the progress and connection to Anthony Arthur Warby. There has also been some new EDMEAD FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHS added to the Edmead Album.

A NEW section has been dedicated to family members who were affected by the death of someone during the 
INFLUENZA PANDEMIC. This pandemic spread around the world. The war and the movement of our soldiers contributed to many deaths. In the Featherston Military Camp, in New Zealand, 177 soldiers died. In the Wiararapa district of NZ over 400 people died alone and many of these were family members or known to our families.

WILTON FAMILY TREE is being constructed to display the families of my two Great Aunties, Rhoda & Martha Compton, who both married into the Wilton family. Have a look to see how the family tree is growing. A WILTON PHOTO ALBUM will be added also and link for this will be blue when it is available 


  The Letters of Importance page has been added to my site in order to share old family letters that would otherwise disappear into draws or boxes never to emerge again. The letters show great insight into the thoughts and feelings of our family members. A mother's letter to her son telling of his fathers death, A letter from Lady Susan Hussey (Lady in waiting to Queen Elizabeth 11) to a family member, A nieces letters to her Uncle in Australia and the Uncle's replies are just a few of the letters of importance we are able to share. If anyone else has letters they wish to share please email a copy to



BOOKS & AUTHORS Books about or written by our family - there are a few.
They include books on
Royalty - Murder - Aviation and Family Histories

This is a book written by Beryl Harris about a very special lady in my life.
Dame Cecily Pickerill changed my life ... she was my surgeon who operated on me as a child. I went back to NZ on a visit and wanted to see her, to say thank you, but sadly she had past away ... this book gives me the chance to share with you this special ladies life.

Thank you Beryl Harris for writing this book …


 Every family has at least one ... our family is no exception. Information contained in this families story may be distressful reading for some. Lives were shattered, torn apart and when reunited they did not live happily ever after. His life has been shrouded in mystery and silence.  
We are not, nor do not need to be, judge or jury ... but we do need to try and understand!

For those who wish to learn more - enter
HERE but remember

Don't Judge My Path If You Haven't
Walked My Journey


There has been some interesting NEW documentation of Henry Yarker 's merchant seaman's records added to the YARKER FAMILY PHOTO ALBUM & also some great additions to the WINTER FAMILY PHOTO ALBUM 

GLOVER FAMILY TREE & GLOVER CENSUS RECORDS have been added to this site. This follows the family of John Glover & Frances Marling. Frances appears to have married twice, with John being her second husband and William Ley being her first husband.

TACON FAMILY PHOTO ALBUM & a PAGE FAMILY PHOTO ALBUM have been added and photograph's and news worthy articles are currently being uploaded to these albums

HEADSTONES - GRAVES & CEMETERIES  pages are currently under construction but progress can be viewed. These pages share photographs of the graves & headstones of our family members. If anyone has a photograph that they would like to share please. Currently this thread is linked to the COMPTON HEADSTONES & GRAVES, ELLERY HEADSTONES & GRAVESHOOPER HEADSTONES & GRAVES and WINTER HEADSTONES & GRAVES - if anyone has any further photographs they would like added to these sites please email the photograph and any information wished to be included. 

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It will always be 60 minutes an hour
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